Decision Whether To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

Roofing is an important part of a home bearing in mind all the advantages that comes with it. Roofing is affected by a lot of factors from extreme weather conditions to natural calamities like the hurricanes. They at one time or another get damaged, has a leak, is discolored or are even rusted in cases of metal roofing. The decision on whether to replace or repair a roof mainly depends on the materials making the roof and the extent of damage to be taken care of. Read more at

Common roofing materials

In the world, the most common roofing materials are wood, metal, tiles, asphalt and slate.

Asphalt – their main disadvantage is their low durability but they are cheap and easy to install hence many people’s favorite.

Wood – They require more maintenance and are expensive compared to asphalt.

Metal – their main advantage against the other roofing materials is their durability. Metal roofing materials are prone to rust but recent technologies have reduced this disadvantage to almost zero. Many metal roofing materials are made of aluminum tin, zinc, copper and galvanized steel. Metal roofs are energy sufficient since al the heat is reflected away and don’t act as a fire hazard since they are non-flammable. Click here to read more info about roofing materials.

Decision Whether To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

Tile Roofing – it is Very expensive but durable. Tile roofing is an investment which make your home more attractive and also raises its value.

Slate Roofing – When talking about durability in roofing, nothing can much slate roofing. The main disadvantage is its high price hence many home owners cannot afford it.

Do you repair or replace your roof?

Factors to consider when making this decision include;

Materials used for roofing – slate and tile are the most expensive types of roofing material to replace hence repairing is the best choice. On the other hand, for materials like wood that has fallen off should be easily replaced with another wood or even with a different material

Age – roofing materials that are over 70 years tend to be very old and replacement is better and cheaper compared to repairs that occur often.

Cost – some roofing materials like the slate have a very high cost of replacement compared to their repair hence mostly it is easier to opt to repair the broken part rather than replace the whole lot.

Aesthetics – depending on the use of a house, aesthetic may be important for beauty and status. In this case repair may make the look unappealing and hence replacing the roof is a better option.

Roof leakage – due to wear and tear or due to other external factors a roof may leak and hence allow rain water into the house hence compromising the integrity of the house.

Steps in covering a leaking roof using plastic sheeting

1. Unrolling and unfolding enough heavy polyethylene sheeting to cover the leaking roof sections.

2. The plastic sheeting edges should be placed along the eaves while stretching the edges from the eaves to the ridges and running over the top of the ridge and down a few feet the other side.

3. The top end of the sheeting is sandwiched between pairs of lengths to avoid being carried away by the wind. However, this parts shouldn’t be nailed.

In brief, the decision whether to replace or repair the roof relies on several factors which should be considered before making this decision. There is also a need to contact professionals for guidance and advice on making the decision.

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